The Sunset

The sun was low in the sky, shining off and about to disappear behind the mountain directly in front of us. The scenery was breathtaking, truly like a magic. She laid out a blanket and sat down. “You know, this is my favourite spot on the entire mountain.” I was speechless. The way her lips curled when she said those words and that spark in her eyes. “Come here.” She smirked at me and held her hand out and I took it. It was like an experience of chills on a first date. She pulled me down and I sat infront of her gazing at those beautiful midnight black eyes which I was already in love with. She wrapped her arms around me. “Thank you for sharing this with me.” I leaned my head back and we were cheek to cheek. “You’re welcome”, she whispered back softly.

The sun was gone beneath the mountain and the moon was shining bright above us. We were laying face to face. Her eyes were closed and I ran my fingers through her beautiful, long brownish black hair. In that moment, I knew I was in love with her. The realization hit me hard. I always thought I knew what love was, but I was feeling things that I had never felt before. I don’t know why it just happened but I was pretty sure I never felt such affection with anyone else. It wasn’t just a physical attraction. I wanted all of her. I didn’t just want her body; I wanted her heart, her soul and her mind. I wanted that crinkle in her nose and the silence she was so comfortable in. I wanted all the things she hated about herself as much as the things I loved most about her. I wanted to spend every night of my life, just like this. No words needed just the silence, her and me. I wanted to walk miles holding her hand. I wanted to cook for her. I didn’t care if I ever stepped foot off the mountain. I wanted to be with her.I didn’t want anything else.

She opened her eyes and tilted her head. “You Okay?” she asked in a sleepy but beautiful voice. The only melody I wanted to hear. “Yeah. I am.” Though I was not okay. Butterflies were tumbling in my stomach. “You sure?”. “One hundred percent sure.” I didn’t have to look at her lips; she was smiling through her eyes that I never wanted to look away from. “One hundred and ten when you smile at me like that.”

~ Siddhant


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