Even from a distance, my glaze feels like a caress for her. She can feel it. It makes impossible for her not to. She smiles a little, her hands smoothening her hair, knowing her killing gesture would’ve made me take a sharp breathe.

Her hands through her hair, and I can almost feel them through mine. I nodded to the people around me. I was smiling at something someone said, and I know her eyes were on me. Lined, ending in a sharp wing, paired with her midnight black eyes, god, I could look at them all day long. I slowly looked at her, and for a brief moment our eyes met, I know her heart skipped a beat as well. We haven’t met each other since years.

She laughed and walked towards me. I can’t help rolling my eyes as I pulled her closer to me, her face against my chest. She sighs, inhaling my perfume and I rested my face against her head.

We sat at the same cafe we used to hangout. We laughed at how our orders haven’t changed. She told me my hair looks good. Maybe I remebered the way your hands felt lacing through them, but I’ll keep that particular memory to myself. She asked me if I was seeing someone, and I nodded my head. I was looking at her in a questioning way, and she repeated the same motion as I did. *a sense of relief all around?*

She looked at my smile, the one that captures her heart every time she looks at it and said you have the most beautiful smile in the whole world. Little did she know, that smile was only because of her. I looked at her sparkling black eyes, lined with golden under the light and I let out a long breathe. I was gazing at her the way her lips curled when the words raced through her mouth. The only melody I wanted to hear.

We had met each other since years. If I’d know the last time I hugged you would be the last time I got to hold you as mine, I would have done things differently. Hold your hands, for as long as I can. Interlinking my fingers with yours, tracing slight outline on your hands. I would have listen to your talks till midnight. Looking into your eyes, or maybe just looking at you.

It’s a whole lot of maybe’s and something which shows just what a creative imagination I have. Maybe?

~ Siddhant



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