A Movie

I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to miss you, whether you will miss me or not. I’ve been missing you for months, but now I won’t even get to see your face. Maybe it’s for the best they said. I hope you can remember us, the memories and fun times we once shared. I want you to remember me and not just forget. I’ll promise I’ll never forget you, even if you want me to. Possibly in five years we’ll meet again at a party or walking down the street drinking coffee. I don’t know, and I might never know, but I will miss you and I hope you feel in your heart to miss me too.

I can’t say loving you was easy. Wait that doesn’t mean I stopped loving you. And for all this time it’s you, it will always be you whom I love. I can’t say it was easy like it’s easy to miss the sun during the winter. Loving you was so hard. As they say, “The best girls are always gonna be the most difficult to deal with.” But nothing, nothing could compare to losing you. Some memory would make its way to my head and play behind my eyes like a movie screen. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to make it stop. Those technicolour movie showing made my day and it was the only way that could make me happy and sad at the same time. Every single day.

One fine day if we ran into each other. Our life will go into the flashback. Well, I would’ve dropped to my knees and stuck tape between my teeth and pieced every inch of my heart back together for you. I would’ve shoved my heart back into your arms and asked with tears in my eyes – God please, please make it better I couldn’t bear to live my life through a movie that I didn’t know how to play the part for anymore.

~ Siddhant


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