Midnight Black Eyes

Sometimes when I look at you, and you’re looking back at me, I can see something. This hint of something more, something you’re feeling but can’t say. When our eyes meet, it’s like we’re instantly connected. And I know no one catches it but me and you, but I like it that way. It’s like our own little secret, a place we go to when everything around us is crazy and we just need some semblance of normal. God, your midnight black coloured eyes are gorgeous. There are times when I want nothing more than to look at you in the eyes, cause it’s when we’re looking at each other in silence that we end up saying the most.

I lived in a place full of cram, filled with noisiness all around. I have always been a lover of peace, but harmony here was not easily achieved. Then I found you in that crowd, your smile made me pious and everthing that was around. Nothing seemed distressing since then, all the things were calm again. Being in your vicinity was a blessing, even the most tiring hours felt silent.

You were never an option, you were a choice. You were my 2 a.m emotional mumblings, you were my christmas holidays` charm, you were spring to my autumn. You were the song I could never delete, you were my 4 a.m talking in the sleep. You were my get away from the world, you were my magical invisibility cape.

I would chase down the stars and bottle up all the wonders within. I would carry all the magic, across the big ocean. Another bottle of the wind I’d feel at the top of that snowy mountain from where I could see you. And the sound of the birds chirping. I’d carry that muse to you. The sheets I’ve been lying on from days, they remember your name now. The doors I barely pass through echoes in your whisper. So I would leave this place to chase down all the stars and make a home, made of stardust. I’d bring all the wonders to you trapped in my insanity and call it love, this love breathes for you baby.

~ Siddhant


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