Meeting you was like watching a movie that I’m uninterested with but, ended up being as my favourite. You were ordinary as I saw you for the first time. You entered the room wearing that blue ripped jeans, black top and your gestures showed how you were looking at me with those beautiful midnight black eyes.

I fell in love with your soul, the way you made me feel safe when you were around. As time goes by, you introduced me to your paradise. And now, your smile is my favourite part of the day. You are the best scene that I’d watch all over again. You are a divine creation. I never thought I’d lay these eyes off of someone as I do, with you.

Meeting you was such a beautiful encounter. You don’t know how beautiful you are whenever you walk around the room, and you made me feel a little crazy when you smile at me. Oh god that smile! I fall for it everytime I see you smiling and I feel more special if I am the reason behind that curve on your glowing face. Oh, you are clueless how it melts my heart every time and how you give chills right down to my spine. I know, you are wondering why I can’t look straight at your eyes whenever we talk. I just don’t want to exhaust every star that is forming inside. Because you are slowly becoming the universe to them.

Meeting you was something I’d be forever grateful. Your name is my favourite word, looking at you when you’re not looking at me is my favourite habit. Your voice creates lovely symphonies in my head. I haven’t seen such colours like yours before, and I’d be perfect if you paint my life with them. I don’t know if we have met somewhere in my wildest dreams, but I’m glad we met here. If this was a movie, you were my favourite part of it. And now I can’t find you. You are gone. And I’m still siting here missing you.

~ Siddhant


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