Mr. Right

Perfect guy – Someone imaginary, found in books and movies. These were the exact thoughts before I met this guy. Finding the right person is difficult. And falling for them is more difficult. It happens rarely but once it does, it lasts a lifetime. It feels like having a word on the tip of your tongue and finally remembering it. It feels like having a clear vision after a really long time. It’s all together a different feeling.

I don’t know where it all started. I guess, somewhere between our unexpected meets and late night talks. Bright eyes and messy hair. I never thought a combination like this world ever impress me. But as you see, love can spring in the most unlikely of places. When my eyes first laid on him and he stared back, I somewhere knew he was the one. There was lack of air. My heartbeat rose. Everything else was blur. Was it even real? I thought someone could give me this kind of feeling. It was surprise how his presence would lit up my entire mood. How his one text, one call or even word affected my entire day. It was hard to imagine a day without seeing him or talking to him. I did have many crushes through my teenage years but this time it felt different. To be honest, I had even this cute scenarios made up in my mind with him. You’ll call it stupidity. But that’s what love is. I was filled with elation and sadness because I wanted him to feel the same for me. That thought seemed impossible. Ultimately, it just felt right. Because being with him felt more than anything.

Love might be the best feeling in the world, also being the worst. Best when that person is in love with you too and worst when they are clueless about it. It takes huge guts to confess someone about your feelings. Because either you get that person for a lifetime or you lose them forever. All other things did not matter. One thing was sure. I was mad. Mad for him. Mad in love.

~ Anonymous


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