Do you miss me?

It’s been three months and I’m here to achingly inform you that I failed. I said that it would be the last time I’ll cry over you, but I still find myself crying for you again and again. Every tear cry for the pain of never getting you back, the torture of your absence and the ache of realizing the painful truth that I’m nothing, but just a distant memory now.

There will always be that one person that will make your heart skip two beats and that one person that made you feel those giddy butterflies in your stomach and the only one that could make you blush. There will always be that one person who will always have a special place in your heart for that will never truly go away.

There will be that one person you will always be reminded of when you drive pass “your” place. You will miss planning your future together and playfully picking out nail colours and arguing about baby names.

I cried over our genuine smiles and laughs we exchanged with each other. I cried over the memories that was silently torturing me every night. I cried over our entwined fingers with sealed promises.

There will be days when you miss seeing their family because they were like your own since yours are never really there for you. You will miss their voice, oh god you will miss the little crinkle in their eyes whenever they laughed a bit too hard. You will miss all the times you spent together, the good and the bad; You will miss them. So much!



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