A sensitive soul

I’m a sensitive soul living in an insensitive world. A world that hurts, too much. A world that denies love. And encourages fear. A world not built for me. But needs me. I’m a sensitive soul; I hurt for the hurting. I bleed for the wounded. I cry for the sad. I feel for the numb.

I’m a sensitive soul; I show up for the delinquent. I stand brave for the scared. I remain open for the closed. I give for those who take. I’m a sensitive soul; I find solitude comforting. Too much world time, can destroy me, and almost did. It’s a battlefield, I’m the target, who’s not always armed well. I’m a sensitive soul; I don’t speak up, speak out, lend my voice, my heart, my strength.

I’m a sensitive soul, I know when you are lying to me, to yourself. I know things I cannot explain. I feel. It’s who I am. Connected to pretty much, everything. I’m a sensitive soul; I see and know too much sometimes. The pain and suffering, not always mine. I feel pain, like I feel love, deeply. I’m a sensitive soul; who’s often misunderstood, dismissed, confused, depressed, feeling anxiety. It’s not easy living in a world you don’t fit in.

People like us don’t say much, not because we have nothing to say, our mind is constantly coming up with the things and keeping thoughts at bay, because if we were to really speak our minds, we could go on for days. People like us escape cities and bright lights just to catch the sunrise, we are up for that quiet, long drive that you might want to have after a bad day.

People like us notice the things that you do when you think no one is watching. The way you flip your hair every few minutes because you think it’s messed up, the way you twitch in your sleep. People like us don’t mind going the distance, when you call and tell us that you need us there, we will ditch everything else and come to you without any hesitation. Just wait for a text that says, “I’ll be right there in a flash.”

People like us spend so much time on writing, they say, “Get out and meet more people” they’ll tell us, because the world needs people that speak up, loud all the way, not people like us that pour our feelings into poetry from the corner of our room. People write because nobody listens!


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