A Deep Loving Soul

Let me tell you about people who love deeply.

They are wells of feeling; they do not know how to turn their hearts off, do not know how to stop giving, and though this is the most beautiful aspect of who they are, they will never hurt you intentionally, it is also the most fatal, for people who love deeply also hurt deeply.

When it comes to people who love deeply, the ones they choose can’t quite understand just how someone can pour themselves out for another person and ask for nothing in return. However, they continue to take. They allow for the warmth of this human being to make them feel new again, and when they are done with the keeping of a rare and beautiful thing, only then, they discard it.

But people who love deeply have a hard time being set free. People who love deeply have a hard time leaving because they can never quite convince themselves that they can help. They will never stop trying to love someone into their potential.

And this is why people who love deeply hurt the most. The thought of someone leaving when they still had so much left to give haunts them. People who love deeply never forget – they are tattooed with the goodbyes of everyone they never got the chance to shine for. Even if the love was wrong, to them, no amount of loving is a waste, no amount of taking is too much. They live to give.

So that is when you come in. Let me tell you about people who love deeply – they are human beings that don’t quite make sense to most. They are the few genuine souls who give selflessly, but that does not mean you get to take advantage of that. No, if you do not respect that, if you do not know when to stop taking, and when to start loving them despite their inability to ask for that love, do not touch them. Do not taste them. Do not drink from the well of their hope. Do not be selfish with their heart. Do not ruin like the others. Because when somebody leaves whom you love the most, your whole routine changes, your whole life changes and it hurts!


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