“Did you even notice these new earrings I got?”, she asked, infuriated.

“Your hair strands got them covered”, I replied, casually.

“You don’t notice anything!”, she exclaimed.

“Oh, then tell me who notices your periodic mood swings, your anxiety upon seeing a cockroach, your Monday blues, your confusion about what to wear, what to eat, your ‘I want a hug right now’ face. I make a mental note of every single thing”, I listed out.

I looked away angrily.

She came and sat next to me.

I didn’t care to look. I grabbed my phone and stood up to leave.

“That’s why I love you”, she mumbled.

“I didn’t hear that”, I responded.

“You sure did”, she smirked a smile.

“Now don’t make that ‘I want a hug right now’ face”, I laughed.

She hugged me tightly, and whispered into my ear, “Here’s a tip, women love when you pay close attention to little details.”

“Why do you love me?”, she asked as her lips brushed against mine.

“Who said anything about love?”, I teased and pushed her away.

“Oh, it’s like that now?”, she taunted while pulling me close, flashing that smile of her which made my heart melt every time.

“Maybe”, I giggled trying to get away.

Her arms tightened around me as our laughs filled our car.

Long drives were my favourite thing.

“Okay, you want to know?”, I asked.

She nodded as her eyes met mine.

“I love that you made me believe again. Believe in miracles again. Believe in love.

Why wouldn’t I fall, when you were there to catch me right?

You made me laugh when I thought I’d never smile again. You made me feel things I’ve never felt before, fixing my broken pieces with each kiss. With every glance, I stole, with every word said, I found myself more and more.

Who knew losing myself in someone else would be a good thing?

You made me feel everything and nothing at all. The cheesy lines in the books and happy endings in the movies?

Well, they were all starting to make sense. Suddenly, every love song wrote about us and happiness was synonymous with you. Every promise I made never to fall again, you broke with your mesmerizing eyes.

I love you because you made me fall in love with myself, and you made me fall in love with love, my love,

All over again.

~ S


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