Journey of Love ❤

Slowly, piece by piece, I gave myself to you. Being a self centered, dressed with hope and happiness, you accepted me.

I felt safe around you. I would often used to say I feel like a superhero when you were around me. Remember? Holding your hand, resting my head on your shoulder, it gave me the comfort I always dreamt of.

What you and I shared, the walks, the never ending kisses, adorable things, and clichéd. Somewhere, they meant a world to both of us.

Have you ever heard me cry? How my voice breaks? Yet I make jokes and laugh as if nothing is wrong. Have you ever noticed? How I never meet your eyes. Because eyes never lie. How I keep smiling even when telling something that’s not even happy. When I say my face is always like this “smiling happily.” How I close my eyes for a bit too long.

I was lucky, you know? To have a lifetime, squeezed in those days I spent. I know you asked me, “You loved me more than I loved you.” And I so badly wish I had an answer to it. And I don’t trust love anymore. How can I? It is something that is there one second, alive and spreading happiness and the other, it just fades away. Absent. Gone. Taking away all those happy moments. Happiness.

We all have a certain story that we do not share out loud because we are afraid that nostalgia will come in series of waves and drown us. We all know a familiar voice that is slowly fleeting into oblivion but we always hear it when their favourite song plays on the radio.

Stretch the curve on your face to it’s end, life will automatically have fewer questions, the calmness in your heart will resonate throughout. This is the journey of love, my dear. If this is not enough then what is?

Happy Sunday!

~ S


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