You’re my Lobster

“Why do you love me? I am so selfish, so irritating. What do I have that other girls don’t?” She said while wiping that tear which came rolling down her eye.

One : You never fail to make me smile. When I see you, I can already feel the heat rising to my full cheeks as my lips begin to widen into a grin. Simply hearing the first syllable of your name makes my body temperature increase and my heart begins to race. My smile is brighter than a million suns when I’m with you.
Two : You’ve seen me at my absolute worst, yet you always stayed. I’ve cried at you, and I’ve cried with you, but you never leave. I have came home screaming at you and destroying everything in my path, yet it’s as if you’re a prisoner in my little world that voluntarily decides to stay. It makes me realize that you really are a special person considering that you have never betrayed me even with my hideous faults.
Three : You care about me more than I care about myself. You always send me text messages that are reminding me to eat. When we see each other each morning you ask me if I had gotten enough sleep the night before. If I look at you and my eyes aren’t sparkling with the fireworks of life like they usually do, you won’t stop talking to me until you figure out a way to make me feel better. Sometimes when you know that there’s no real solution to fix the emotions that I’m having at the moment, you’ll just wrap me in your arms to the point where I can hear your heart pounding from your chest. There’s an abundance of traits about you that make you constantly on my mind. These were the first three, but trust me; there are plenty more.
She looked into my eyes and in a moment she hugged me nice and warm. I was about to leave she whispered in my ear, “Darling I’m so blessed to have you. You’re my lobster!”



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